Proper Attic Ventilation

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Insulation | 0 comments

It is extremely important for your home’s attic to have an adequate amount of ventilation. Ideally, air enters the attic at the lowest point, which is known as the eave or soffit, and exits at the highest point, which is known as the ridge. So, if you are building a new home, you definitely want to plan to install soffit vents at your eaves, and a continuous ridge vent at your ridge. If you have an existing home, you may look to add soffit vents and a ridge vent if possible, or an alternative to the ridge vent is to install flat roof vents on upper side of the roof near the ridge, to create the air flow exit. Another important component to create this air flow is the use of Vent Chutes or Air Baffles. These are most commonly made of a styrofoam or cardboard material, and are stapled or nailed inside the attic at the eave in order to keep the blown insulation from filling the vented soffit, and the air flow to move along the decking from the soffits to the ridge. A properly ventilated attic keeps from building up extreme temperatures and extends the life of your roof.